Sempulse – Changing Triage Technology for the Battlefield / Military / Terrorism / Disaster Management

25th Mar 2015Professional

Sempulse: Bringing next generation technology to triage.

Sempulse supplies the tools required to provide prioritized care while monitoring large numbers of patients.




First responders have the extremely difficult task of prioritizing the needs of their patients. Typically, this is accomplished by using basic sensory data to determine which individuals are unresponsive, not breathing, or in extreme situations – the bloodiest. Tending to these patients can take upwards of 5 to 10 minutes, and during these crucial moments other patients may not survive. By utilizing advancements in today’s technology, Sempulse strives to improve efficiency in the triage process, because we believe that every life counts.

We are developing modular biosignal sensors and systems to monitor and geolocate first responders and their patients. Our solution is easy to use and administer. Medics can have a pocket full of them and they can be easily applied by non-medically-trained personnel. Medics will also be provided with triage decision support, patients’ medical history data, and a customizable prioritized view of their patients – all of this data is observable on devices they already carry. This frees medics to treat their patients, potentially saving lives that may otherwise be lost.

Patients are prioritized based on pre-determined adjustable presets, their calculated Injury Severity Score (ISS), and a possible pattern recognition of each patient’s biosignals against known historical cases with outcomes. The system will also keep a full history of transactional data for future analyses, fine tuning, and machine learning. Future features include predictively-modeled prognoses, centralized medical review, administrative oversight, and the dissemination of patient data to ambulatory services, hospitals, and other treatment facilities. The overall solution will provide strategic insights for medical professionals and their patients, including optimizing the decision process of routing patients to appropriate facilities.

Ultimately, a medical professional’s job is to care for their patients. And we want to give them as much time as possible to succeed.




Please understand that we are consciously keeping this page rather vague.  We have a lot of great ideas in the works and we do not want to reveal them until they have been fully realized.  However, we would like to introduce you to our guiding principles on technology.

We are building clinical-grade biosignals sensor systems aimed at personalizing healthcare.  The “secret sauce” of our approach lies in our uncompromising belief that design matters.  This belief guides us as we navigate the numerous technological nuances of the product development process.

Our goal is to provide a solution that will provide an effortless transition to an improved way of doing what you do today.  We will seamlessly work with your existing equipment, integrate an intuitive user interface that corresponds with existing first responder training, and provide a modular, durable, and precise product capable of withstanding the demands of real world scenarios.



Sempulse has solutions targeting Consumer, Disaster Management, and Military applications.


Consumer Applications

Hospitals / ERs / Waiting Rooms, Nursing Homes / Convalescent Care, Personalized Healthcare, Corporations, Schools / Universities, Humanitarian Aid, Search and Rescue, Police / Fire Departments / EMTs

Disaster Management Applications

International Relief Agencies, Federal Relief Agencies, City / Urban Disaster Response Teams, Natural Disaster Response Teams, Quarantine Areas, Epidemic Outbreaks, Terrorism Response

Military Applications

Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard, National Guard, NATO, Allied Forces

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