Kurt Stump’s Resume Cover Letter

7th Feb 2012Professional

I am currently freelance consulting in Business Justification, Internal Sales, and SOW creation and am looking to move back into a full-time position.  My last full-time position was as the Director of Strategic Initiatives at ICW Group in San Diego, CA.  I owned the technology partnerships with the Workers’ Compensation and Special Property Catastrophe (DIC) business units and managed the technology relationships with the Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Actuary, VP of Workers’ Compensation, VP of Special Property, and the VP of Enterprise Risk Management.  I managed the architecture, application development, implementation, and strategy for all lines of business.  I owned and directed the day-to-day activities on an Enterprise business process transformation, focused on the implementation of SAP and the simplification of our back office operations.

My biggest, past successes have come from corporate strategy, expansion into new fields and technologies, and building and leading technology teams to complement new business strategies.  I work equally well in structured or unstructured environments.  I have had success with the fine art of providing technology thought leadership to Executive Management and I have an aptitude for bridging the communication and domain gap between technology and the business.

Desired Positions:
CIO, Senior Technology Management, Strategy, Architecture

Desired Duties and Responsibilities:
a) Thought Leadership, b) Technology / Business Strategy, c) Enterprise Architecture, d) Relationship Management, e) Project Portfolio Management, f) Resource Management

Selling Points:
a) Enterprise Architecture, Infrastructure, and Strategy Backgrounds, b) Problem Solver, c) Six Sigma Black Belt, d) ERP Implementation Program Management, e) Process automation and efficiency expertise, f) Relationship Management expertise, g) Experiences building high-performance teams to complement new business strategies, h) SOA and unified single sign-on strategy experiences, i) Security and networking knowledge, j) Offshoring expertise, k) Change Agent, l) Very adaptable, m) Quick learner

My tenure at ICW Group afforded me new challenges and I experienced many successes.  These successes were rewarded with additional responsibilities and even the role of Interim Chief Information Officer (CIO).  I am seeking opportunities to advance my career and take that next step in a more permanent fashion.  Specifically, I’m looking to leverage my technology background, my hands-on, detail-oriented approach, and my ability to quickly adapt in order to provide technology solutions that solve strategic business problems.

Thank you for your time and consideration.  Please do not hesitate to call me if you have any questions or would like to schedule an interview.


Kurt Stump

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